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Hand Sanitizer Bottle is New GOLD

Hand Sanitizer Bottle is New GOLD

      Government has issued guidelines to use alcohol based hand sanitizer for protection from COVID19 Outbreak. This has resulted in surge in demand of hand sanitizers. Sales of these hand sanitizers zoomed in early February and by the end of February and hand sanitizers were out of stock. The reason for this was because the demand for this 'upper and upper-middle class' product had never been this high. What followed was more than a flood of companies launching hand sanitizers.

          At the beginning of 2020, India's hand sanitizer market had only 3 prominent players like HUL, GCPL and Reckitt Benckiser. In January and February 2020, the top three brands alone had a market share of 85% while others including existing players and smaller brands had only 15% share of the market collectively.

        However, in March, when the demand surged after the pandemic of Covid-19, these brands were unable to serve the market demand despite their increased efforts, and several other companies jumped into the sector.

      Corona virus pandemic has opened up avenues for India’s local brands who have found a new footing in retail and kirana stores in the wake of rising demand for FMCG products. With a demand supply gap arising in the lockdown situation, local players have started to plug the gap and especially in the hand sanitizer segment, regional players and smaller brands have eaten up the market of the top three players in the category.

       New entrants and smaller brands are now dominating the hand sanitizer market, a segment which has witnessed multi-fold surge in sales post the coronavirus crisis, says a report.

       In the month of March, as many as 152 new players entered the Hand Sanitizers segment. FMCG companies such as Dabur, Emami, Patanjali, Marico, Dalmia, Parle etc has launched their hand santizers in April to claim a share in the zooming market.

         Seeing the potential of earning other companies that decided to foray into the hand sanitiser space include the likes of Nivea, Dabur, Dukes India, Bajaj Consumer, Jyoti Labs, Cavin Kare,  Zydus Wellness and many more. Two paint Giants Asian Paints and JSW paints has also entered in the market. Many big alcobev companies also repurposed their lines to manufacture bulk quantities of hand sanitisers. Besides, several liquor makers, sugar factories and others also started production of hand santizer after the government  asked them to manufacture to meet the growing demand to tackle spread of pandemic.

          "Everybody is preparing for the post-pandemic period. There is a sense that personal and hand hygiene will take top priority in the minds of consumers. Therefore companies with the available adjacency are seeing this as an opportunity and additional stream of revenue," said an FMCG consultant.
          In March, the Ministry of Consumer Affairs had  also capped the maximum retail price of hand sanitizer at Rs 100 per 200 ml bottle till June 30 this year amid a sharp rise in the prices of this product owing to the coronavirus outbreak.

       With so many companies entering in to the market, it is needless to say it is important for a brand  to stand out and ensure profitability . A good packaging can help a brand to earn a unique identity which is imperative to increase the market share and create value of the product and earn profits.
         As the sanitizers are being packed in PET bottles in various SKUs, so with increase in demand of sanitizers the demand of PET bottles has also increased manifold, which has came up like a golden opportunity to PET Bottle manufacturers for not only earning good profits but also serving the mankind in supporting the noble cause.

        Many of the sanitizer manufacturers install the PET Blowing machines in house and enjoy lot of benefits like less per bottle cost, zero dependency on  supply of bottle vendors, above all customized bottle designs can be made which helps in stopping the duplicity.  Pet Plast India is leading company in segment of manufacturing and exporting of PET Blowing machines, and  manufacturer Feature-Rich PET Bottle making plants, which provides the highest productivity, minimum rejection; at very low running and maintenance costs.

“We Grow as our Customers Grow” is the core value of our organization.

     We provide complete End to End solution for packaging plants like Hand sanitizer, hand wash, oral cleaning,  Agrochemical, Liquor, and Edible Oil, Etc.

      Our solution range meets, from 50 ml to 20 ltr, from Semi-Automatic to Fully Electric All Servo-operated Fully-Automatic Machines upto 7200BPH (120BPM).

    All Fully Automatic machines range are Industry 4.0 Ready, which meets all International Standard Features, ensure a competitive edge to your products  in the market:
  • MULTI SERVO Based System and Auto Air Recovery together saves up to 40% of LP AIR Requirement, hence the least production cost.
  • Automatic Temperature Controller (ATC), Multi SERVO Accuracy and UPS system ensures minimize rejections.
  • Remote Diagnostic, Smart Diagnostic Management, Predictive Maintenance, Alarm History, Trouble Shoot Guide to ensure minimum MTTR.
  • Uniquely designed Mould Changing Rail System and mould recipe memory for fast mould change, hence higher production efficiency.
  • Energy Meter Chart for monitoring "Energy-saving” and Carbon Footprint reduction" reduce production costs and help in meeting sustainability goals.
  • Online Compatible with other machines such as filling machines, End Packing etc.,  which can save 30% of the floor space and labour cost.

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