Sunday, 12 April 2020

The NEW Age of Bottling

The New Age of Bottling

Exploration is the engine which drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth.
   And keeping the pace of ever changing National and International demands of PET Bottles, The India-based PET PLAST INDIA, a  Bottle Blowing machinery manufacturer unveiled enhanced production facilities at its  Faridabad Unit  and launched a new generation of All Electric Innovative PET BLOWING  machines.
   Marking its 10th anniversary this year, Pet Plast India Inc.  Unveiled its new generation All Electrical blow moulding machinery range and are INDUSTRY 4.0 Ready. The new series of automatic ALL ELECTRIC Blowing machine offers a high output: between 6,000 – 8,000 PET bottles per hour.
    The rapidly growing popularity of Electric Servo-Motor drives in PET Blow Molding Machines has cut their running cost drastically, creating the opportunity for even more rapid penetration in its industry. Usage of All-Electric machines point to several other advantages over pneumatic/hydro pneumatic: Energy savings (Due to Less AIR Consumption and High Speed), quietness, absence of messy hydraulic oil, more precise and repeatable mold positioning, faster cycle times, reduced downtime and labor, maintenance free, fewer and smaller foot print and so on.
  Pet Plast India Inc., founded in 2009, has developed national and global export markets in recent years with its equipment now operating in more than 18  countries with more than 800 installations across Globe. A number of user-friendly inbuilt software’s features ensure that the company has an edge over other companies.  Major areas of focus for Pet Plast India are quality with latest technology and excellent post-sales services. Pet Plast India also organizes training program for their clients. The company claims to recruit fresher’s, provide adequate training over a month’s span  and then deploy them at various facilities where their machines are installed.  PPI has deployed service representatives in various parts of the country who have been able to reach out to any given point of time with help of their dedicated Customer Care Department.
    Pet Plast India has been working upon improving of its machines traditionally, the mould changeover time in automatic machines used to be somewhere between 4-6 hours which the company brought down to an hour or lesser with unique Rail Guide System. The company has a special rail guide system to shift the mould in easy and convenient manner  PPI has worked on the air recovery system in energy saving segment which saves more than 30% air in low pressure lines. 
                Pet Plast India came up with another unique solution to control their machines from the head office in Faridabad having Remote Diagnosis System for their Automatic Ranges as standard.  Usually, every automatic machine needs timely upgrades in order to function efficiently.  The machines are connected to Internet, which allows access to the machine from their head office.  This allows the company to upgrade the programs and check the health of the machine. A health diagnostic management system(SDM) is installed in the machine which automatically diagnose any part faillure and makes troubleshooting easy. The health diagnostic management system can check every Component and segment in the machine, also having Predictive Management which prevent any failure and inform much before any fault going to happen. PET PLAST INDIA automatic range of PET Blowing Machines are INDUSTRY 4.0 Ready which makes their products truly international class with no compromise of innovation and product competence.
          ‘Pet is generally the most preferred packaging product in the beverage industry. The beverages packaging industry has been growing at 25 - 27% year over year, particular in India, people weren’t’ as health conscious as they are now. This has led the beverages companies to opt for safer packaging options which in turn led to an increased consumption of pet bottles in the entire country.” Taneja said, "India's per capita plastic usage is somewhere around 7kg. 5kg to 9kg whereas that of most of the other countries across the globe is quite higher. This year, we will be targeting those countries.” Demonetization and GST were no roadblocks for Pet Plast India as the company remained largely unaffected. PET PLAST INDIA looks to invest more in R & D in future.